Born in Naples in 1997.
In 2015 he graduated from the high school of art, then in 2019 he completed the three-year degree in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples with a thesis on human relationships and the resulting social passivity.
In 2022 he obtained, with 110 cum laude, a second level diploma in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, with a thesis on the relationship between man and nature and the boundary between natural and artificial in today's anthropic world.
He currently lives and works in Naples and is an instructor of the subject "Extramedial Techniques" at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples.


Currently, my research focuses on biological and scientific processes that reside behind changing matter, finding the theoretical foundation in the eternal relationship between man and nature.
I use different languages that form an inescapable and necessary link with the choice and manipulation of specific materials aimed at generating forms or processes.
I believe that everything is nature, or a manipulation of it. From the invisible to the visible we are surrounded by life. From these premises my work is developed by staging visual apparatuses capable of developing a reasoning about the anthropic world and biological life by highlighting a dual aspect of the present, through digital and analog media, everything becomes material, organic and synthetic elements merge, returning through audiovisual installations the evolutions of the processes of direct or indirect manipulation.



- SEMEN, group exhibition, Opificio Puca (center for contemporary art)Sant'Arpino (CE),

- Land art intervention for the Faito DOC festival, Monte Faito Vico Equense (NA), in collaboration with The association SIGHT1


-Unlock, group exhibition, Palazzo Allocca Historical Archives, Saviano (NA)

-Re/Generation, land art intervention for the Faito DOC festival, Monte Faito Vico Equense (NA), in collaboration with Sara Pinto and Carmine Somma.

- "Real Albergo dei poveri-yesterday today and tomorrow," environmental installation for the Kodokan, Palazzo Fuga Naples


-The Others art fair Torino, Participation with Muciaccia Contemporary, curated by Maria Vittoria Pinotti

-Called to the Arts, group exhibition, Mucciaccia Contemporary Rome, curated by Maria Vittoria Pinotti

-Thresholds, visible spaces in the making, group exhibition, Opificio Puca (center for contemporary art)Sant'Arpino (CE), curated by Martina Esposito


-Distant Visions, group exhibition, Termini Station Rome. Curated by Rino Squillante, Marco Gallo, Sabina Alessi

- "Popnapolipop," Public art intervention for Grandi Stazioni Retail, Stazione Garibaldi Naples, Collaboration with Exl Napoli, curated by Rino Squillante and Marco Gallo

-Naples theater festival "Waiting room" 2nd edition, participation (stage installations), Royal Palace of Naples, Collaboration with Exl Naples

- "OFF," group exhibition, Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. 

- "Lines in Relation," relational intervention for "A Day at the Castle," Castel Sant'Elmo (NA). Collaboration with Exl Napoli


- "S/Confini" relational intervention, on the occasion of the exhibition Berlino 1989 by Luciano Ferrara, Cappella Palatina, Maschio Angioino (NA). Collaboration with Sara Pinto and Chiara de Stefano

-Naples theater festival "Waiting room" participation (stage installations and performances), Royal Palace of Naples. Collaboration with Exl Naples

- "Let's free the shadows" art workshop with children from the 48th circle of education in Naples in the Barra neighborhood. Collaboration with Rino Squillante

- "David and Goliath" participation in performance curated by Kyrahm, at Macro museum Asylum, Rome.

- "From Naples" group exhibition at Naples Academy of Fine Arts


-Paratissima Naples II edition, "R/Evolution," group exhibition, at Museo Archeologico National Archaeological Museum of Naples

- "Black Gallery," educational operator art workshop for people with visual disabilities. Edited by Tonia Catalano

-Naples Street Festival, participation, "change word" Piazza Dante (NA), "Parole al Vento" Via Portalba(NA). Collaboration with Exl Napoli

-Selected in the "seven works for mercy" competition, group exhibition, Naples Polytechnic Art Circle


- "Four," group exhibition, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples.

- "Bringing you," group exhibition, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples.

-Paratissima Napoli, group exhibition, Principe di Napoli Gallery

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